Wednesday, March 13, 2013

بشار بن برد - منَ المشهورِ بالحبِّ "Whoever would be Renowned in Love" by Bashar ibn Burd

منَ المشهورِ بالحبِّ إِلَى قَاسِيَة ِ الْقَلْبِ
 سَلاَمُ اللّه ذِي الْعَرَشِ على وجهكِ ياحبِّي
فأمَّا بعدُ يا قرَّة َ عيني ومنى قلبي
ويا نفسي التي تســكُنُ بَيْنَ الْجَنْبِ والْجَنْبِ
لقدْ أنكرتُ يا عبدَ جفاءً منكِ في الكتبِ
أعَنْ ذَنْبٍ وَلاَ واللَّهِ مَا أحْدَثْتُ مِنْ ذَنْبِ
ولاَ والله ما في الشَّرْقِ منْ أنثى ولاَ الغربِ
سِوَاكِ اليوم أهواها على جدِ ولا لعبِ

Whoever would be renowned in love, ought to become hardhearted.
Your semblance is the peace of Allah, honey.
So then, my darling and the destiny of my heart,
Yeah even my soul who resides here within this home.
Certainly I don´t know what you mean, Abbey, the messages from you were so harsh.
A howler? No, by Allah, what have I made for a howler?
No, by Allah, not in the East, nor in the West, there is no handmaiden
except you, today I dropped her, in all seriousness and no hoax.

translated by Mark F Westergreen

Meaningful glances alone can still be ambiguous or unsatisfying. Gifts are more substantial, and as fetishists go, few can outdo the lover who sent her used toothbrush to Bashar Ibn Burd. The grateful poet said, "I kissed the thing that touched her mouth, and wished I were it."